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Whether BUYING or SELLING a home, WORKING WITH SCOTT CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS!  Hello, I am Scott Armstrong, owner and managing broker of Armstrong Real Estate Brokerage.  I founded this company based on three core values of EMPATHY, INFORMATION, AND SAVINGS for my clients.  I am a full service "virtual broker" and operate more efficiently than traditional real estate offices.  Traditional realty companies are forced to absorb expenses every month such as mortgage payments/maintenance costs on large office buildings, desk fees, local and national marketing fees, sales training programs, and administrative resources.  I am able to deliver greater value to you by working virtually, avoiding those expenses, and passing along those savings to clients with a lower commission structure in addition to delivering unmatched service throughout the home buying or selling process.    CALL ME TODAY AT 317-432-1544 AND START PACKING!   


EMPATHY -  Simply put, my primary goal is to help clients accomplish their real estate objectives.   I do this by demonstrating empathy through every step of the home buying or home selling process.  I will listen to your needs and develop specific action plans to help get you from A to B. 

INFORMATION -  Information is critical in making informed decisions throughout the home buying or selling process.  Have you ever bought a home without being given a full comp report of recently sold homes in the neighborhood?  When initially purchasing your current home, did your realtor proactively provide you with the previous purchase price?  It is my goal to take "we didn't know" out of the equation after selling or purchasing a house.  

SAVINGS -  Realtors play a critical role in facilitating real estate transactions.  Most of the realtors I interface with are kind, hard working people that add great value to their clients that are buying or selling a home.  At times, 6-7% commission is warranted for the services rendered necessary to sell your home -- in most instances, it can be done for less.  I believed that to be true long before I pursued real estate as a profession and I am PROOVING it today!  The internet has largely replaced the inefficiencies of the old, proprietary MLS system yet the model and compensation structure for most realty companies has not changed.  I simply stay leaner from an operating standpoint, and pass those savings on to YOU! 

Direct: (317) 432-1544